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Start The New Year With A Positive Attitude

Don’t ruminate. This causes more anxiety. Try to distract yourself with something positive, when you find yourself ruminating.

Do come up with alternatives. What are other explanations for explaining why something happened. Don' t assume.

Learned optimism (Martin Seligman) - View negative experiences as neither personal or permanent.

Considering the worse case scenario can diffuse worries.

Try to be more mindful of thought patterns. We can choose to be more positive.

Suppressing negative thoughts can backfire. Studies have found that we eat more comfort food when we suppress negative feelings and thoughts. Rather, accept, process and move on.

Focus on your strengths and find a way to utilize them during the week.

"One's journey toward healthy self-esteem begins with a positive attitude."

                                                                                       Ginny Riedman-Dangler