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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Children and Learning Disabilities


Prior to my current work as a mental health therapist, I worked as an elementary school teacher. At times I reflect upon that work experience. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of my students’ academic and social development.

Making A Difference To The Homeless

           Making A Difference To The Homeless

As we move into winter I often reflect on the issue of homelessness. This is something most of us will never have to experience in our lifetime.

I was inspired a couple of weeks ago by a young child who stunned me, actually, with her awareness and feelings about homelessness. She explained to me how she feels sad when she looks out of the car window and notices a homeless individual on a street corner asking for money.

The Impact Poverty Has On Children's School Performance

With the approaching 2015-2016 school year, I would like to reflect upon and address the issue of poverty and its’ impact on a child’s learning. First, I would like to site some staggering statistics in Rochester. This includes:

  • Rochester is the 5 poorest city in the country
  • 32.9% of the metropolitan population of Rochester are living below the federal poverty level
  •  Childhood poverty increased from 46 percent to 50 percent. It was stated that Rochester “is the only city of comparable size in the nation where more than half the children live in poverty.

Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb. 8- Feb. 14

This week is designated as Random Acts of Kindness Week. I have blogged about the importance of this choice before; not with just a particular week of the year.But practicing this on a daily basis, as well.

Research indicates that people who practice this are happier and more resilient; not to mention the positive impact it can have on the receiver.

I would like to add a different spin on this, at this time. Along with doing random acts of kindness for others, make sure to also be kind to yourself.
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