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The following are helpful resources for parents and adults who may be
looking for helpful information around various issues. If you have a particular issue that you are seeking resources about, feel free to email me and I will also explore what information there is that would be of help to you.
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123 Magic; Effective Discipline for Children
Thomas Phelan
Collaborative Problem Solving; The Explosive Child
Understanding and Helping Easily Frustrated, "Chronically Inflexible" Children
Dr. Ross Greene
My Dad's Deployment: An activity book for young children
Julie LaBelle and Christina Rodriguez
Helping Children Cope With Loss
William Kroen
A Volcano In My Tummy - Helping Children Handle Anger
Whitehouse & Pudney
When Anger Hurts Your Kids: A Parent's Guide
Fanning, Landis & McKay
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Depression - Looking Up from Stubborn Darkness
Edward T. Welch
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently
John C. Maxwell
Feeling Good; The New New Mood Therapy
David Burns, MD
Help Yourself For Teens: Real Life Advise For Real Life Challenges
David Pelzer
My Anxious Mind: A Teens Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic
Katherine Martinez
Talking With College Students about Alcohol: Motivational Strategies 
for Reducing Abuse
Scott Walters and John Baer
8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder
Costin, Grabb and Rothschild
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