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                                       Community Resources

         Mental Health Association - Thursday November 17  6:00-7:30
              " Antidepressant Medications and Suicidality in Youth"
                                Dr. Michael Scharf, MD

                      Register by calling:  325-3145  Ext. 100
                           (There is no fee for the session)
The Advocacy Center - 546-1700   Connecting parents to specialist in school
                          advocacy, information/referrals and workshops
Rochester Mobile Crisis Unit - Serving individuals/families with immediate
                                  mental health difficulties; evaluations and
                                  Call  211
Bivona Child Advocacy   - 935-7800   Serving children who have been abused,
                                        (physical and sexual)      
HBCI (Home Based Crisis Intervention) - 368-3614  Provides in home support
                                             where a child is at risk for
                                             psychiatric hospitalization  

Child Protective Services -   1-800-342-3720  or 911  
If one suspects a child is being
abused or neglected 

Catholic Family Center   - 546-7220   Services for the elderly, homeless, substance abuse treatment, adoption, overall family support
Urban League - 325-6530  Services for developmentally disabled, youth
                  and families, education services
Jewish Family Services - 461-0110  Services for the elderly, youth, families
Compeer Rochester - 546-8280  Mentoring programs for
                        children and adults with mental health challenges
Child therapist, adult therapist
and family therapist


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